project management

Poor project management always leads to missing the marks of the predefined project goals (budget, time, quality)

... and this way to the failure of the whole project.

Bring time and quality together!

A perfect project is specified by a well-defined beginning and a predefined end… …

The basis for an interdisciplinary team must be that the project goals are well and distinctly defined and obligatory for everyone who is involved in it.

isar1 ag “manages and conducts” in addition to construction projects…

  • Architectural projects
  • Construction projects
  • Facility management projects
  • IT projects FM
  • IT projects Engineering
  • Event management projects
  • Data processing projects
  • Measured building survey projects
  • Data controlling projects
  • Organizational projects
  • Change Management projects
  • ….

We can achieve good project management through:

We conduct an analysis in advance and elaborate precise and practical suggestions, how we could possibly support you the best way and how you will meet your project goals.

"Lessons-Learned" ...

  1. detailed knowledge of the project goals ...
  2. sufficient resources ...
  3. continuous monitoring of cost, time and quality ...
  4. immediate intervention in case of discrepancies ...
  5. long-time experience in project management ...
  6. constant controlling and screening for risks ....
  7. review of the project after finishing and documentation ...
  8. further education and training n a regular basis for our project managers in seminars, conventions and webinars ...

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Markus Groll, isar1 ag, is a co-founder of (Global Facility Management Alliance)

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